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Really important stuff to know about new accounts

We try to make banking as simple as possible, but there’s some basic compliance stuff no bank can get around — not even nbkc. And while some of these safety measures are a little inconvenient, they’re just temporary and help keep our bank (and your money) secure.

Since we like to keep it real with you, here are some delays you should know about when you open a new account with us.

Holds on deposits

Deposits made within the first 30 days of opening a new account will be held for 5 business days or sometimes up to 9 business days before the funds are made available.

We know this is super frustrating — but this standard industry practice is for a good reason. When you’re a new customer, banks need to get familiar with your typical activity to help prevent fraud and keep your account secure. Until we’ve built up a little history together, we may need some extra time to review new deposits. In most cases funds are available within 5 business days, but not always.

Wire transfers

New accounts are subject to at least 90 days of activity review before we can approve international wire transfer capabilities.

This is a typical industry standard process and once again, helps us protect the integrity of your account and reduce fraudulent activity. Some accounts may not be approved to make international wire transfers, but that’s rare.

Wire transfers are also one of the few banking capabilities you’ll pay to use.

We don’t call it a fee, because you’ll only pay what it costs us to make the transfer — nothing extra — and it’s lower than what most banks charge.

Domestic wires
Send: $5/wire
Receive : free

International wires
Send or receive: $45/wire