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Cash Management

Our Treasury Management Specialists will help you optimize available funds and maximize interest income, resulting in:

  • Improved daily cash flow
  • Elimination of idle balances
  • Increased availability of extra cash
  • Timely processing of disbursements

Contact your nearest branch for more information.


Our disbursement systems provide a cost effective and efficient way to remit funds to vendors, employees, and other payees. Proper fund disbursement results in improved cash-flow forecasting, as well as:

  • Improved float management
  • Streamlined payment systems
  • Reduced potential of fraud
  • Reduced paper handling and maintenance costs

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Disbursement

The ACH network is an efficient method to disburse payments to vendors, employees, suppliers, and government agencies. Batch processing executes ACH payments at a lower cost than Fedwire transfers.

Bill Payment Services

Direct single or recurring payments with nbkc’s bill payment service, accessible 24/7 through our secure, online portal.

Fedwire Transfer System

Move funds in real time with immediate fund accessibility at the receiving party’s financial institution with the Fedwire Transfer System. Single or recurring domestic wires can be initiated online with administrative access to security procedures and levels of control.

Contact your nearest branch for more information.

Fraud Management

Gain control of your company’s finances with online banking, positive pay, and ACH block/filter. Let us help you find a custom, integrated solution, resulting in:

  • Improved risk management associated with check fraud and unauthorized ACH debit activity
  • Improved transaction efficiency
  • Improved reconciliation activity
  • Better monitoring of cash flow and cash resources

Positive Pay

Minimize check fraud against your account with this service designed to identify, research, and report suspicious checks. All suspicious items are reported to your company via our online banking portal, allowing the account holder to provide instruction for paying or returning the check.

ACH Block/Filter

Prevent unauthorized ACH debits by blocking them completely or selectively, allowing access only to pre-approved business partners.

Contact your nearest branch for more information.


Our collection options such as ACH, lockbox, merchant services, wire transfers, and remote deposit, allow for swift collection and efficient processing of receivables, as well as:

  • Elimination of the need to make deposits at bank branches
  • Improved float management
  • Streamlined payment systems
  • Reduced potential of fraud
  • Reduced paper handling and remittance costs

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Consolidate your business deposits and collect your receivables into one main account, thereby maximizing fund availability.

Merchant Capture

Remote deposit allows account holders to securely scan check deposits at their convenience, saving them time and money. The Merchant Capture software, provided by nbkc, guarantees a secure connection and transmission with each transaction.

Courier Service

No need to get in the car and drive your deposit to the bank — we will pick it up for you. As part of this unique service, we will provide you with free deposit bags — ensuring the utmost security. Your deposit will be picked up at the same scheduled time each day. We monitor the receipt of all couriered deposits, and your deposit is always credited to your account on the same day.

Merchant Services

Manage all incoming credit card payments with the latest technology of nbkc’s Merchant Services program.  Our consultative approach is designed to move business forward and maintain positioning. Whether you’re using traditional point-of-sale (POS), mail/phone order, or online, we can customize a merchant program to fit your needs.

Contact your nearest branch for more information.