No more choosing between five different checking or savings accounts to get what you really want.

Keep it simple.

One great account. Everything you need to manage your money.

Do it all with the Everything Account.

Here’s what makes it awesome


No account fees
to bank with us.

That means no minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, maintenance fees, or foreign transaction fees — to name a few.

0.15% Annual Percentage Yield
As of 08/03/2021

No hoop-jumping.
No fine print.

Earn great interest on every balance no matter how big or small.

Most banks advertise high interest rates to reel you in — then hit you with qualifications most of us don’t meet. With nbkc, what you see is what you get.


Mobile banking 24/7 from

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Use your debit card anywhere
Mastercard® is accepted.

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Works with apps like Apple Pay,
Venmo + more

Free ATMs with MoneyPass®

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There are over 34,000 of them.
Find one here. Plus we’ll reimburse you up to
in fees when you use any
other ATM.

Never miss another due date

Our Pay Bills feature is free and easy to use.
Schedule automatic recurring or one-time payments
right from your bank account so you never lose track
of what’s due when.

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Savings Goals:

Goals are like virtual piggy banks that help you save for things like new sneakers, a new car, a down payment... or as a general savings goal. Or both.

Transfer money instantly from checking to your Goals.
Add funds or cash out anytime.

Earn the same high-yield interest on your Savings Goals and checking account balances — no minimums required.


Financial Snapshot:

See your nbkc activity and link all your external accounts to get a bird’s eye view of your finances — credit cards, loans, investments, and more.

Set budgets or spending categories to see where your money is going. Nice.

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0.15% APY As of 08/03/2021

No minimum balance

According to the FDIC, the national average is .03%APY

We get high praise from

Open your nbkc Everything Account online in just 5 minutes

Really important stuff to know about new accounts

Our primary responsibility as your bank is keeping your money secure. This means transactions go through extra layers of security - particularly in the first 30 days - which can be a bit frustrating at first, but it is absolutely for good reason—protecting your account(s) from fraud and other illegal activity. Here are some potential delays with transactions that you should know about when you open an account with us.

Since we like to keep it real with you, here are some delays you should know about when you open a new account with us.

Holds on deposits

Deposits made within the first 30 days of opening a new account will be held for 5 business days or sometimes up to 9 business days before the funds are made available.

We know this is super frustrating — but this standard industry practice is for a good reason. When you’re a new customer, banks need to get familiar with your typical activity to help prevent fraud and keep your account secure. Until we’ve built up a little history together, we may need some extra time to review new deposits. In most cases funds are available within 5 business days, but not always.

Wire transfers

New accounts are subject to at least 90 days of activity review before we can approve international wire transfer capabilities.

This is a typical industry standard process and once again, helps us protect the integrity of your account and reduce fraudulent activity. Some accounts may not be approved to make international wire transfers, but that’s rare.

Wire transfers are also one of the few banking capabilities you’ll pay to use.

We don’t call it a fee, because you’ll only pay what it costs us to make the transfer — nothing extra — and it’s lower than what most banks charge.

Domestic wires
Send: $5/wire
Receive : free

International wires
Send or receive: $45/wire